Eating Clean in 2014 Guidelines


Goal: Reset your gut after a month of indulging. Cleaning up your intestinal tract and bloodstream!


Eating whole, non-processed foods with high nutritional value.
Getting more highly-colored veggies into each day.
Avoiding any processed foods out of a box – cereal, rice-a-roni, etc.
Avoiding sauces.
Avoiding milled grains, including bread, pasta.
Choosing complex carbs in their more natural state – whole grain rice, sweet potatoes, etc.
Choosing foods that are close to their original forms.
Avoiding alcohol.
Avoiding caffeine.
Avoiding sugar, BUT, eliminating artificial sweeteners.
Drinking a lot of water – not flavored, just water! (yes, you can squeeze citrus in!)

For example, choose for breakfast:

  • Oatmeal with fruit and a bit of natural sweetener, instead of grits and cheese.
  • Eggs; scrambled, poached, minimally fried, instead of eggs Benedict (avoid processed meats).
  • Smoothie with protein powder and real fruit, instead of pastries.

For lunch:

  • Salad with grilled tuna with olive oil/vinegar, instead of tuna salad sandwich and dressings made with soybean oil.
  • Clear-ish soups, such as chicken and rice, instead of potato soup (unless your mom made it and you know the ingredients are real).
  • Stir fry and brown rice, instead of white rice sushi

For dinner:

  • Broiled fish or chicken, instead of chicken fried anything.
  • Freshly made hamburger, instead of Hamburger Helper.
  • Sweet potatoes, brown rice, instead of pasta or bread.

The aim of these guidelines is to clear out the old, and refuel with quality ingredients. Remember, we’re not fasting! I don’t believe in fasting; it lowers your metabolic rate and facilitates muscle loss.

I am also taking this time to stop obsessively chewing sugarless gum. I’m doing this for two reasons: it contains sugar alcohols, which I’d like to minimize. I really get on a roll with this habit, and I need to stay in control of it.

If there are other nutritional changes you’d like to make, like my example, use this opportunity to reset your habits. For instance: want to test out avoiding gluten? Give it a try now (I don’t happen to think there’s any reason to avoid gluten for the average person, but sensitivity to it is a real condition).

If you’ve got any questions, please post or message me. I’d love to help you move toward healthier eating.

We’re all in this together for the next three weeks – Monday, January 6th until Sunday, January 26th . Let’s support each other!