Eating Clean in 2016!!!!

January 4th – 24th, 2016

Hi clients and friends!

Since I make my living through fitness, you might think I have this nutrition and weight maintenance thing permanently under control. I wish that were the case, but, I always have five pounds, more or less, to take off after the holidays. I have to take care of this quickly, because I can’t expect my clients to believe in me unless I walk the talk, right? So, I’ve developed a three-week clean eating program for myself that I’ve used for several years. Now, I have my clients join me in this three-week detox/jumpstart, so we can all get back on track after the excess.

There are several reasons this is effective. First, we’re all in this together! When you’re feeling deprived, you can think about everyone else doing this with you. We’ll keep each other on track.

Second, it’s very effective to jumpstart fat loss by losing all the excess water/salt weight. You really don’t know where you’re at, weight-wise, until you get through at least a week without excess sugar, salt, simple carbohydrates, and alcohol. That’s probably five pounds right there!

Finally, losing those first few pounds will get us going on some real fat loss. There’s nothing quite as motivating as success, is there?

I highly recommend getting comfortable tracking your nutrition. This is easier than ever with the many apps available for your mobile platform. My current favorite is My Fitness Pal.

If you’re using a fitness tracking device, use the food tracker that works best with that device. For example, FitBit has its own tracker within the app.

Here are the guidelines:

  • Throw out all that junk! If you can’t get rid of it completely because family members eat it, put all the junk in one place and DON’T LOOK AT IT.
  • Find ways to get your water intake between 3 – 4 quarts each day. Fat and salt loss don’t happen without enough water in your system to take care of all other functions and carry away excess waste products. Tea, made from tea bags (not mix), and fruit infusions are fine.
  • Don’t eat anything that doesn’t provide more for your body than carbs and fat. This means:
    • All complex carbs – brown breads, colored potatoes
    • No white carbs – flour, sugar, or pasta
  • Eat highly colored vegetables and fruits. Eat them as close to their natural state as possible. What that means: eat an apple instead of apple sauce; steamed broccoli with herbs instead of broccoli au gratin.
  • The same is true for your protein intake. Eat lean protein with no added sugar. The sugar would come from sauces, like barbecue and most tomato sauces.
  • No alcohol! This means none. Give your body the opportunity to get back to functioning without alcohol for three weeks. C’mon! It’s three weeks!
  • No added sugar and limited artificial sweeteners. Look for added sugar in your processed foods. For instance, if the bread doesn’t say 100% whole wheat, I can almost guarantee it has added sugar.
  • Eat good fats and eliminate bad fats. Good for cooking: butter and coconut oil. Cold oils: olive and nut oils. Avoid corn, soybean, canola oil, and any margarine. They’re worse for you than I can cover here; just take them out of your diet where possible.
  • My recommended eating plan: The Zone Diet by Dr. Barry Sears. The guidelines:
    • 40% calories from carbohydrates
    • 30% calories from fats
    • 30% from protein

I’m right in there with you, so let’s get back on track together! I promise that if you follow these broadly stroked guidelines, you will feel a difference in your body in three weeks.

Please feel free to text, email, or call about any of this. I’d love to answer any questions you have. It’s my passion to help all my clients be their best, healthiest, most self-assured, selves!!!

Here’s to 2016!!!




7 Techniques to Stay Committed to Your Fitness Goals


Beginning and sticking to an exercise program can be quite challenging, in fact about 50% of those who start an exercise program drop out within 6 months.  If you can manage to continue a fitness routine it can be very rewarding and can change your life. Setting realistic goals is a key factor to staying motivated.  There are two types of goals that should be addressed, behavioral goals and outcome goals.  An example of a behavioral goal is, “I am going to walk on the treadmill at 6 a.m. for 45 minutes, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.”  An example of an outcome goal is, “I am going to lose 12 pounds in six weeks.”  Focus on your behavioral goals as these are the goals you have control over and the outcome goals will follow.  Re-evaluate your goals regularly and make changes when you realize something is not working.

Commit to your goals! Initially you may be extremely motivated but as time goes on this usually slacks off and you may find yourself contemplating quitting. Try these 7 tips to help you stay committed:

1. Establish a routine. Set a definite time and location where you will workout.  Set an appointment with yourself and don’t break it.

2. A short workout is better than no workout.  If you are short on time or just don’t feel like exercising, make it to the gym and do a shorter version.  Many times you will end up doing a full workout.

3. Perform a variety of activities. Even something as little as changing the music you workout to will keep you motivated.

4. Plan your workouts in advance.  Weekly and monthly schedules should be prepared.  Change your resistance program every few weeks to alleviate boredom and shock your muscles, you will see gains in strength and size faster.

5. Find an exercise partner.  Join a class, hire a personal trainer, or exercise with your family or a friend.  Having a partner really is a lot of fun, just make sure you compare yourself to yourself not to others.

6. List your goals on paper and post them where you will see them everyday.

7. Monitor your progress.  Weigh yourself weekly, take measurements and body fat every 3 months.  Regular tests will measure the progress of your program.

Reaching your goals is the most motivating factor in continuing on your fitness journey.  The sense of accomplishment will give you the strength to move forward and keep that fire lit.  Short term goals and long terms goals should be set, if only long-term goals are set it can be overwhelming.  Starting an exercise regime is the hardest part of the program so if you started you have already reached your first goal.  Following these tips can help you adhere to your exercise program so keep them handy for days when  motivation takes a dip.

Pumpkin is the New Bran


My clients and I are gearing up for Eating Clean in 2014, a three-week program, beginning the first Monday in January – tomorrow! Lately, nutrition has been more in our conversation than training. I reminded them (and me) of the importance of fiber in weight management, and general good health.

When you track your nutrition, you quickly realize you’ll need to make a conscious effort to get the 25 – 35 grams of fiber per day recommended by most nutritional guidelines. I find the very best way to make sure I’m getting enough fiber is to be sure I get enough at breakfast. Somehow, when breakfast is in line, all the other meals seem to follow.

A great source of important nutrients, including soluble and insoluble fiber, comes from pumpkin. One half-cup of canned pumpkin provides 5 grams of fiber in a total of 9 grams of carbohydrates. Half of these 5 grams of fiber is soluble fiber, which absorbs water and contributes to a feeling of fullness for several hours after eating, in addition to aiding digestion and reducing blood sugar levels. We haven’t even talked about the beta-carotene, vitamin A, magnesium, and other nutrients in that half-cup of canned pumpkin, packed in 40 calories. Wow!

If you have a smoothie in the morning, you’ll hardly notice a half-cup of pumpkin thrown in. The taste and texture are easily disguised by most ingredients. If you use one-third of a 15 oz. can, the rest can be frozen in two portions.

Here’s a recipe I’ve used that I love, found on

Coconut – Pumpkin Ice Cream:

  • 1/2 cup Low-fat Cottage Cheese
  • 1/2 cup Low-fat Greek Yogurt
  • 1 cup Skim Milk
  • 3-5 drops Stevia
  • 1/2 cup Canned Pumpkin
  • 1/4 cup chopped Pecans
  • 1 tbsp Unsweetened Coconut Flakes
  • 1 tsp Cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice
  1. Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Place mixture in a covered container in the freezer. Stir every half hour until desired consistency is reached.

Pumpkin is a thickener that can substitute in many recipes. Check for recipes using it in soups, tomato sauces, and desserts for a much healthier alternative to creams and oils.