Five Different (not the usual!) Ways to Maintain Your Fitness During the Holidays


Yes, it’s that time again! The holiday onslaught of food overindulgence begins this week.   If you’re like us, a big concern is how to get through the next month without gaining weight. Here are our five big tips for keeping hard-earned fitness gains maintained until next year:

1. Eat Clean In-Between – What does this mean? Eat impeccably well at every meal and snack when you’re not at a dinner or party. So, don’t allow a lunchtime work party to give you an excuse to overindulge at dinner, too.

Party in the evening? Plan for it all day. Drink plenty of water, consider eating zero carbs until the party, and for heaven’s sake, don’t show up ravenous! My strategy is to eat a bunch of carrot and celery sticks with a little dressing before I go. It keeps the alcohol from going straight to my head, and I can keep from sidling up to the trays and grazing all night. I taste only what truly tempts me, rather than using high-calorie hors d’oeuvres and sweets as a meal.

Eating clean includes when you’re cooking and tasting. If you’ve got to taste, include it in the food for the day. Don’t taste batters unless it’s absolutely necessary. I could eat a bowl of cake batter, so I don’t allow ANY across my lips.  

2. Work Out before you Pig Out – Particularly for Thanksgiving, you can find all sorts of single-day promotional events at fitness studios where you live. Even if you normally work out solo, attending a class that one day can be motivational.

There are two reasons this works: one, your metabolic rate is raised a bit for the day, and two, you might just think twice before you get that second helping of dressing, since you worked so hard just a few hours before. This leads me to number three…

3. Morning Workouts Prevent Night Before Overindulgence – Schedule a workout of some sort the next morning after the big day. This not only prevents you from eating badly way into the evening, but, it gets you right back on track the next morning.

Everyone’s experienced the next-day sluggishness caused by too much rich food the day before. This can put you on a downward spiral of bad eating for days. Avoid this by being accountable to a trainer or a workout partner the next day after the holiday.

Ugghhh! – I’ve suffered through teaching group fitness classes when I experienced nausea or other gastric distress from food overindulgence the day before. I had to keep going, so my brain almost won’t allow me to go crazy at a 9 pm leftover feast. Try this a few times, and see how your body will help you avoid this discomfort again.

4. Strive to Maintain, Not Attain – Let’s face it; almost no one is making fitness or weight loss achievements during the holidays. Your goal should only be not to lose ground during the next month. Know where you are before the holidays really start in earnest, and resolve to maintain until the new year.

If your waist or hip measurement is the big concern, get that measurement today. If total body weight is your focus, weigh yourself today, and weigh every few days. Just  be careful not to let a salt weight gain alarm you. Drink your water, and eat clean until the next party.

Don’t let the numbers affect you beyond what they are: a measurement you want to maintain so you don’t have to make up ground at the start of the new year.

5. No Guilt Hangovers; Enjoy the Party! – If you do all you can to eat well and get your training sessions in during the rest of the season, you’re doing all you can! Don’t have a shame session over your overindulgence at a single event. We all know this doesn’t help moving forward. So, do your best the rest of the month, and enjoy all the festivities when you’re there. Happy Holidays!!!


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